What Are The Advantages Of The Pallet Slip Sheets?

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Slip sheets are an alternative of the pallets used in the transportation and shipping. The reason why these are in use and becoming popular is to work as the replacement of the wooden ones. These are way less lightweight and thin then the wooden or steel pallets and not only this but these are very friendly for the environment as well. These are used along with some cart of the fork lift as the surface which could carry the weight.

What are the types of the pallet slip sheets?

There are many types of the slip sheets which are manufactured based on the unit which will be used for the loading. These are used for the transportation of the load both inside the facility of the warehouse and between various locations outside. The human effort is decreased and the efficiency is increased by this.

What are the benefits of the pallet slip sheets over the traditional wooden and plastic pallets?

The cost of the slip sheet is very less than the pallets. The cost is reduced in every aspect ranging from the acquisition to transportation to the labour, storage and even the administrative cost is reduced. Not only the cost is reduced but these are designed to provide you with the safer option. The work environment becomes free from work related injuries with the use of these since no manual lifting and loading needs to be done by any kind of the labour and unlike wooden pallets, these do not have sharp nails as well as the splinters which could injure the person handling or working around these.

The wooden pallets are prone to insect such as the rodents, termites and many other insects which could not only damage the pallet but also the items which are stored in these therefore, with the slip sheets pallets you are also free from this problem.

The slip sheets are made from the paperboard which is recyclable and therefore, these are recycled and no amount of this is wasted. No landfill is required to store the wastage of these as well.

Disadvantages of the pallet slip sheets:

Pallets have more structural strength which provides extra support as compared to the pallet slip sheets. There is floor clearance provided with the pallet which could be used to provide the extra layer of protection against the wet floors. The slip sheet can be damaged easily if these are move on the floor which has bumps. For some forklifts, and trucks these are not compatible enough.

Hence both the pallets and pallet slip sheets have their own pros and cons and the warehouses uses these according to this.

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