Use Of Commercial And Multiunit Apartment Mailboxes

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Mailboxes are store area for mails from over the globe. These can be home mailbox accessories or the commercial mailbox supplies. The commercial ones are used for multi-application purposes for different individuals and delivering it privately. These are available in different sizes and structures which vary in the accommodation capabilities. The multi unit apartment mail boxes are the type of residential mailboxes located to collect the mails for residents. Both of these are mail collection units but differ in the types of mails being delivered and the fixation of the mailbox stand.

Use of commercial mailbox supplies

Particular unit-boxes used as mailboxes for the delivery and the collection of private mails, which can be electronic are called commercial mailbox supplies. These boxes are located at certain specialized departments and are USPS approved. It possesses mails that are in contrast to the residential mail letters and need advanced perseverance. All the commercial mailbox supplies designed are in a way different on basis of their structure and size. These are horizontal as well as vertical and the compartment number and size also vary from one another. The individual unit box is well-protected by a given code for safety purposes.

Commercial mailbox supplies are supplemented at offices, multi-national organizations, industries, shipping areas, apartments, flats, dorms etc. These are serviced in order to receive mails for different people at a particular location. Such mailboxes are used by various people that send and receive mails, letters, small packages, products or boxes from different part of the world through the commercial mailboxes. The mails present in them are conveniently stored, safely with high maintenance security.

Use of Multiunit apartment mailboxes

These types of mailboxes in which clusters of mails can be stored at a moment are called multiunit apartment mailboxes, sometimes referred as cluster mailboxes. These allotted units carry the mails for specific individuals, usually tenants. These are not used by officials but are commonly for the residents of a building or mostly present at educational institutes for students. These are a safety method for secure positioning of mails at a location outside their residence.

Multiunit apartment mailboxes are employed under circumstances where one mailbox I not enough for a person and many neighbours share their multiunit cells. These are not protected by special codes or hey locks, however, have doors to seal the mailbox opening. Such boxes are used to hold on to mails, letters, packages, boxes, newspapers etc. for short interval of time. These are not specifically under control of the allotted person but can be assessed by other people like newspaper boy, milkman, post officer etc. Therefore, due to extensive and high use of multiunit apartment mailboxes are normally located outside the residence of almost every other small or large constructive property.


Commercial mailbox supplies are used for official mailings by different individuals through one location, retained with high maintenance of the mails received or sent. However, the multiunit apartment mailboxes are commonly used by residents or tenants for similar purpose, but with usual mails, letters, packages etc. being checked on.