When you are in Perth you will realize that this is a city like no other. If you are expecting a buzzing city like Sydney you will surely be surprised. It might be one of the major cities on the planet, but it sure offers you the laid back environment of a suburb that is surrounded by sea views and stunning sceneries all around.

Location details

Perth is located on the western border of Australia. The Indian Ocean lies on the northwest while Jakarta, an Asian city, lies closer to it’s geographically than Melbourne or even Sydney. The city is exiled to this part of the country which has made the population distinct in this region. The city is still developing its urban landscape. If you wish to explore the different parts of the city you might want to hire a van in Perth or this purpose. It will help you travel around like visiting Fremantle that is nearby and is a quaint port town. There are several sea views as well as sights to discover around this city.

Going about town

Perth is the perfect place to visit which can be discovered over a weekend. With a hire a car service you can drive around and discover the city on your own and with your partner or friend. You could start your day at Northbridge that has breakfast and coffee joints which can help you grab your calories for the day. There are clothing stores and designer shops to explore in this area. The Western Australian Museum would be a must stop for all visitors to this city.

Tourist attractions

There are several other art and cultural centers in the city worth exploring. For instance, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts as well as Art Gallery of Western Australia. For lunch you could stop by Lot Twenty that has several foodie joints where you can savor wine of the Swan Valley. After you have had your fill of culture and local cuisine, you could head over to check out other natural attractions around the city.

Natural views

Botanic Garden of the city is a seventeen hectare green space with 2000 plant varieties that are native to the region. Kings Park is another green area to discover where you can get views of the Swan River and of the city landscape. Take a walk along the Federation Walkway which is an elevated bridge. There are indigenous heritage tours as well. This tour will get you acquainted with the local Noongar or Wadjuk people. Head back to the CBD region of the city for a more vibrant evening ahead. There are several places to stop by for drinks and food here.