Electric cars, smartphones, and packages that are sent across continents in a matter of hours; technology has undoubtedly improved every possible industry it has touched. Each process is faster, more efficient, and requires almost no effort, thanks to machines and computers handling almost everything.

However, this has caused another phenomenon; it has led to a series of dying industries and practices. Archaic yet unique methods of carrying out certain industries has now been either replaced, or is in the process of being replaced, by modern technological methods. From professional service provider of car locksmith to wooden toys, some of these industries still however have individuals who practice the ancient methods of yesteryear; most however abandon these methods as at the end of the day, they are far less profitable; and in a world where money matters, the profits is where the merchant will move towards.

One such industry is knife and tool sharpening. Many decades ago, and almost up until this decade itself, men would be seen going from door to door during the weekends (especially in South Asian nations) offering knife sharpening and grass cutting services. He would sharpen each knife and each tool individually using an old-fashioned rotary machine powered by a pedal mechanism. Completely manual in nature, this simple machine got the job done nevertheless.

Modern methods have invented knives and other tools that are resistant to wear and stay sharp for years on end, requiring no sharpening. This has led to a decline in the appearance of the friendly neighbourhood knife-sharpening man at each door.

Another such industry is the lock industry. Locksmith in Adelaide CBD were common back in the day; they would craft them in their own shop and sometimes even install them themselves. Each door of the house required a lock, and he would have great business fixing and replacing any of them, over the years. Now, what with self-locking doors, locking systems using pass-codes and identification panels for your fingerprint, this industry too, is on the decline. It has now been replaced by companies that offer ‘smart security’, using remote locking systems that can be controlled by your mobile device form anywhere at all. An alarm system is triggered when the security system is tampered with, and you and the authorities are immediately notified.

One of the most respected professions in the past was the goldsmith. A goldsmith would make and sell articles of gold, and up until recently, the market for such items, especially for antique collectors, was prominent. Now, however, large companies have replaced smaller individually-owned businesses.

In this manner, modern technology has paved the way for new methods and the decline of the old. However, it is up to the new generation to ensure that these ancient industries are not entirely lost in time.