Holding On To Millennials In The Workplace

Millennials are notorious for jumping jobs; they will simply not stay in one place for long. Companies often blame millennials for being impatient and entitled, which leads to frustration with the office culture however, millennials frequently claim that they quit bosses not jobs. In short, they leave not because they are unsatisfied with the working conditions, culture or the job itself, but because their superiors do not cater to their rather lofty needs.Here is a breakdown of the reasons that cause millennials to leave and what corporates should do to retain them, because – don’t forget – millennials will make up the bulk of the workforce in a few years more.

How Am I Doing?

Millennials grew up in a world of technology, specifically, gaming technology. Even the most reluctant millennial probably played a small game like minesweeper that was already installed on their computers in the 90’s. This is a generation who grew up receiving constant feedback on every move they made and then adjusted accordingly. Personal growth is huge for them. Feedback is their default learning mechanism. Unlike earlier generations, millennials will not be offended by feedback because they see it not as an attack on their ego or personality, but as constructive criticism. If companies were willing to implement corporate recognition programs in order to highlight the behaviour and work ethics that they expect as opposed to not seeing results till the shareholder meeting, millennials would feel that is a place they can learn and grow in.

What Am I Achieving?

Millennials have an almost pathological need to contribute in a meaningful way in whatever area they work in. Many of them are engaged in volunteer programs if their workplace is not ‘rewarding’ enough. This is also a job satisfaction criterion for them. If they do not feel that they are making a difference with their lives and their jobs, they will quit. Granted, millennials are often impatient, but if they at least see some mechanism that is in place to offer CSR opportunities or some form of outreach infrastructure that caters to those in need. If the job itself cannot provide that (and many jobs in the business world cannot), companies should look into employee engagement programs that will allow millennials to feel that they are making a difference.

Four Advantages Of Water Cooler Dispensers

A water cooler dispenser has become a part of most offices or homes for being an easy way to maintain a healthy and convenient lifestyle.  There are quite a few advantages of having a cooler at home or in the office space – purchasing or installing one is quite hassle-free too considering the wide range of options that’s available in market currently.  There are several models that are available in the market from affordable, reliable options to models with extra features. With a cooler dispenser, you don’t need to drink the tap water which may contain harmful substances or toxins – which will vary depending on where you live.

Coolers Are Eco-friendly

How can these coolers be more eco-friendly? You won’t need to buy extra plastic bottles anymore and store them in your refrigerator – which will help reduce your use of plastic. The amount of plastic usage is very high which is detrimental to the environment, and by making small changes in your habits, you can make an impact. The large plastic bottles will reduce the amount of plastic you consume, since you won’t need to constantly buy small bottles.

Extra Helpful Features

Having a water dispenser with the heating facility can come in handy – where you can simply make hot beverages whenever you feel like it. It is quite useful to have one at the office as well since you can get hot water quite easily without needing to use an electric kettle all the time.  If you need cold water, all you need to do just push a button to get what you need without having to place a number of bottles in the fridge and wait until the water becomes chilled.

Get Quality liquid

When you get a cooler for your home or purchase distilled water at Tip Top Water Group you will be able to get quality and clean water at a moment’s notice. A cooler dispenser will let you taste fresh water each time without that plastic taste you might experience from the bottles that you can buy. It won’t be necessary to buy extra bottles when you need to hydrate yourself and you can get easily get hot or cold water at your own convenience.

Save Money And Space

A cooler dispenser will help you save money in the long run especially if you have one in your office environment.  Coolers don’t take up much space, and different models can be easily installed in an office corridor or kitchen. Getting a cooler for your home can be quite convenient and help you reduce costs in the long run.